"I was tempted to close my eyes and believe I was listening to my dream combination of Joni Mitchell and Mary Black and could imagine them both singing to me and me alone. I challenge anyone not to be fully seduced by Your Love and I hope I can remember the sentiments as I will never be able to replicate the melody. This is the person you would like for your own living requiem..not for your wake because it would be such a waste not to be there to hear it."

Folking.com (UK)

"An artist that has genuinely come of age. Her song Dreamers could have been penned by Sandy Denny, Sweet Mystery by Nick Drake and Your Love by Joan Armatrading - but they're all her own. Her songs rank among the finest of their genre, and deserve recognition."

Living Tradition (Scotland)

"You only have to listen to tracks such as Dreamers, Danni and Your Magesty to realise why Lorraine is regarded as one the finest singer-songwriters in Britain today. She just has that knack of writing a wonderous lyric and also has the ability to convey the songs meaning to the listener in such a way as to tease your every emotion."

Maverick (UK)

"Lorraine's idiom is hypnotic and accessible with subliminal Irish folk roots influences, smooth yes, in the manner of Paul Brady or Van Morrison perhaps, yet nowhere lacking in substance. It all feels absolutely right.... Once you've heard Lorraine sing, you can't mistake her for anyone else, though there are times when her warm, caressing delivery brings reminiscences of Joan Armatrading. A Light Over There shares with This Big Feeling the ambience of one of those albums which you'll want to put on repeat play after one hearing, 'cos you just know that further subtleties await you on successive plays...."

NetRythmns.co.uk (UK) - David Kidman

"...a singer/songwriter of a very special quality...unique and distinctive. ... The lyrics convey all this wonderfully in their poetic depth. Songs arise into which one can sink, which one can hear again and again until they become part of one's own feelings. Anyone who has ever tried to write a song, will be able to appreciate this accomplishment. Lorraine Jordan is one of the very, very great singers/songwriters. It is about time that she gains the befitting recognition she deserves."

Folker (Germany)

"Lorraine Jordan is undoubtedly one of the finest and most talented folk singer-songwriters in Britain. Even if it's been a long time in the offing, the evidence is that A Light Over There has been well worth the wait. Jordan and Debbie Dickinson have really done a great job on production and the CD hangs perfectly together as a sequential entity…. Lorraine Jordan's performance and quality as an artist is best summed in the second track on this album. 'From the heart' is upbeat, passionate and highlights the quality that separates out those artists, like Jordan herself, who put their heart and soul into every performance and those who just go through the motions. She has a highly distinctive voice and delivers her superb repertoire of songs with distinction. Highly recommended."

Folk North West (UK)

"Her outstanding voice, given great scope by her tender song writing is so unique that to attempt to describe it is almost a futile task. Her suble vibratio is both fragile and powerful at the same time, investing every word, every syllable with an exceptional emotive power. Not to be missed."

Propaganda ("Proper Distribution" magazine) (UK)

"A Celtic softness wraps itself around these ballads like a warm blanket. At once familiar and yet with a modern contemporary approach which is fresh and interesting. "No Resistance" gets things underway and right away you are hooked by the mellow sound that transfuses itself into your soul. Affirmation and the belief in the general positive aspect of relationships conspire to produce a happy album both in content and overall sound. Yes, there is much to ponder in the lyrics but there is also much to enjoy in the musicianship from all concerned. Put it on and allow yourself to find the oasis of peace that surely will follow the journey through "A Light Over There".

Classic VR Radio in Scotland (Graeme Scot) (BBC Radio Scotland)

"What makes Lorraine Jordan so acclaimed as a singer-songwriter is the contrast of her influences. She takes Celtic folk and presents it in her own way that takes from a wide range of genres. She modernises her music with a striking powerful voice that makes her stand out from the average singer-songwriter, winning her critical acclaim from a wide range of sources. What is surely amazing is that her musicians harmonise with her, not the other way round, and her voice is the conductor …truly memorable..."

Irish World (Niall Cunningham) (Ireland)

" very mystical with a Celtic flow... perfect for a nice jig in the sun on a rainy day. The way Lorraine composes and structures the lyrics is fantastic.. deep and moving … beautiful melodies… fantastic lyrics….uplifting vocals… elements of Joni Mitchell..."

www.musicreview.com (Ireland) (T.Halpin)

"There are traces of Eddie Reader in Lorraine Jordan's fourth studio album, driven by her love of Celtic balladry and some suitably emotive vocals…. a pleasantly folksy surprise."

Acoustic Music (Dan Coxon) (UK)

"...songs of great hope and beauty, surrounded by simple, acoustic arrangements and Jordan's deep, powerful, resonant voice. …. Winds of Freedom [is] one of the most quietly devastating songs about the Highland Clearances ever written.

Dirty Linen (USA)

"Lorraine Jordan is a one-woman Celtic melting pot. She has a first-rate band to front her own unique hybrid sounds. Glorious voice…striking…dynamic…hers is a voice for the ages"

Sing Out (USA)

"On first hearing, you'd think Lorraine Jordan is all heart and rhythm. Her songs, her playing, her singing are simply infectious. Listen again and her sharp-edged intelligence and clear-eyed perceptions become apparent. There's structure there, too, but the bones don't show because we're so swept up in the emotion. There we are again, back to the heart."

Marilyn Rea-Beyer, Music Director, WUMB Folk Radio (Boston, USA)

"This Big Feeling is a masterful blending of the best elements of contemporary and traditional Celtic music, tied with ribbons of harmony, brought from a soul steeped in generations of musical excellence."

New England Entertainment Digestt (USA)

"This Big Feeling oozes quality"

Rock N'Reel (England)

"This Big Feeling has it all: faultless compositions, talented musicians and strong arrangements all commanded by the voice of Celtic soul."

www.folking.com (England) - "album of the month"

"Lorraine's new songs all embody her trademark qualities of thoughtfulness and accessibility, with no questioning her sheer depth of feeling...immensely attractive, evenly expressive, soulful voice. This lovely CD (This Big Feeling) has become a cheering and compulsive in-car travelling companion."

The Traditional Music Maker (UK)

"Lorraine's warm personality comes across beautifully in her powerful singing.."

The Scotsman(Scotland)

Lorraine is a prolific songwriter of startling literary and musical quality"

North East Folk Magazine (England)

"Lorraine Jordan is a great singer and a great artist. We hope she will be bringing this kind of musical art with her soon again over the pond."

Celtic Beat (USA)

"She is ever more welcome and eagerly awaited."

Messaggero Venuto (Friuli/Italy)

"A fantastically good record. Irresistible."

Folk Michel (Germany)

"Her compositions have a distinct attraction with their thoughtful arrangements..the added attraction of a powerful vocal that's underlined by a clarity that helps the songs shine."

Rock'N Reel (UK)

"a modern balladeer who delivers songs full of fire and passion. Crazy Guessing Games is sure to solidify her as a major singer/songwriter on the folk scene."

Music In The Tradition (Canada)

"From the lead track, Body and Soul, with its gospel overtones right through to the heart-rending Used Goods, Crazy Guessing Games is an album that strikes the right chord."

Tower Records (UK)

"Wonderful soulful songs. Those who have heard Lorraine's voice, or have seen her live, must become fans."

Concerto (Austria)

"striking voice and strong guitar playing being well supported by some adroit arrangements."

Folk Roots (UK)

"Lorraine Jordan has the resonance and delivery of the great traditional singers. It makes for an interesting blend of old and new...her dusky voice wrapping itself around the lyrics with expressive assurance."

Dirty Linen (America)