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Produced by:
Debbie Dickinson and Lorraine Jordan


Price: £10

Title: Send My Soul

Artist: Lorraine Jordan


Lorraine Jordan

Photo by Sheila Burnett

Enchanting vocals... absorbing songs... Jordan has created something of great significance and this is an album that you can put on and find yourself completely taken in by. Thought provoking, elegant and graceful - a record that is well worth your time and well worth putting on repeat to fully appreciate every small aspect and detail that has gone into the making of it.”

Maverick (UK) - Melanie Glass

A Sign

Nothing Has Been Said

Anna's Song

Say It Now

A Light Over There

The Cavalry

The Riverside


Opening for The Chieftains

Good Fortune

The Rythmn

A Light Over There

A Light Over There

“I was tempted to close my eyes and believe I was listening to my dream combination of Joni Mitchell and Mary Black and could imagine them both singing to me and me alone. I challenge anyone not to be fully seduced by Your Love and I hope I can remember the sentiments as I will never be able to replicate the melody. This is the person you would like for your own living requiem..not for your wake because it would be such a waste not to be there to hear it." (UK)

This Big Feeling

"This Big Feeling is a masterful blending of the best elements of contemporary and traditional Celtic music, tied with ribbons of harmony, brought from a soul steeped in generations of musical excellence."

Dirty Linen (USA)


"...songs of great hope and beauty, surrounded by simple, acoustic arrangements and Jordan's deep, powerful, resonant voice. …. Winds of Freedom is one of the most quietly devastating songs about the Highland Clearances ever written."

New England Entertainment Digest (USA)